OpenCanalMap UK for iOS – release notes v0.7

The first public version of the Open Canal Map UK App for iOS has now been released to the App Store.

I’m calling this version 0.7, and estimate that by version 1.0 it’ll have all of the features that were requested by Beta users.

Please check it out, and provide feedback or feature requests to me via Facebook Messenger or using the email link in the App Store.

Features and changes, v0.7

This version contains the basic functionality for viewing Open Canal Map UK on your iOS device.

The Map tab of the app loads the map from the mapping provider, Mapbox.

The first time you click the location button on the top right, you’ll be prompted to allow the app access your location – this isn’t needed for the map to load, but is needed if you want your current location shown on the map, or the map to follow you as you move.
You can use this button to enable or disable showing your current location, and having the map follow you as you move.

The info and advanced tabs show information about the project and about the app, and allow you to click through and add information to the map via the Open Canal Map UK site; in a future release this functionality will be handled inside the app and won’t require using the form on the website.

Options which affect the app’s behaviour can be found in the Settings app on your phone, under OpenCanalMap.

In this release the only option available is to change where the map opens when the app first starts up. You can choose between Braunston (chosen arbitrarily as this is the location where the app was first tested), your current location (if available), and the last location you viewed (if available).

Upcoming features

  • ‘Cruise mode’ showing current speed and any likely weather issues in your area
  • Ability to save boat location to CanalPlanAC’s tracking feature
  • Search option to jump to a specific location
  • Download area of map for offline use
  • Filter some types of markers included in the map (e.g. hide pumpouts if you don’t have a pump toilet)
  • Built-in way to submit new points of interest to OpenCanalMap directly from the app

The items above are in no particular order