Hastily assembled Christmas decorations

Christmas lights from the towpath

As most of our Christmas decorations are still in storage, and not on the boat, we had to come up with a quick solution to get some external decorations in place.

For the windows, we put up some small battery operated 20 LED light sets from Poundland. We also wanted to put lights along the outside of the hull, but didn’t have any outdoor lights available.

I checked the LED lights on Amazon’s ‘warehouse deals’ section, where they sell open-pack and refurbished items, and found a set of 200 LEDs with a small solar charger for £8. These are the type you often see in gardens, with a little solar panel which automatically powers the lights on at sunset, and charges them in daylight. The battery doesn’t last long this time of year, but for a few hours after sunset it looks good, even from a distance.

We attached them to the hull with a small set of magnetic hooks, along one side of the hull, and across the bow.

Widebeam canal boat with Christmas lights visible on the hull
Christmas lights from the towpath

Next year I’ll think about putting up a set of 1000 LEDs I had in my previous home, but I need to check the power requirements; maybe the solar set will remain (or be used all year as ‘garden’ lighting?)