Open Canal Map

Open Canal Map is a map layer developed by Tom Sapey using both community and C&RT data

It’s a very useful resource including the canal routes, infrastructure  (locks, winding holes, bridges), and other points of interest (laundry, water, fuel, recycling, supermarkets) – you can use it as an overlay on existing Google Maps easily.

Canal Plan

Canal Plan is a community driven journey planner and map resource for all UK canals. I’ve primarily been using it to plan out journeys before taking them, and for this it’s really valuable. For round-trip, one way, cruising rings, etc, it will let you specify how long you want to cruise each day and it’ll build a detailed plan including suggesting overnight moorings .

It provides details of each landmark (e.g. bridges, locks) you’ll meet along the way, including photos and user provided comments, and allows you to export the data in many formats, for all brands of GPS systems, or PDF format for printing / viewing on kindle /etc.