Boats Boats Boats – Park Royal to Little Venice on the Grand Union Canal

What better to do on a windy, rainy day than a 4 mile solo cruise through one of the busiest parts of the canal network?

The weather was not at all pleasant, with waves on the usually flat water, and at least one kayak drifting by that had come loose from wherever it was tied up.

Kayak drifting on the canal
Lost kayak 20180124

I could probably have picked plenty of more pleasant things to do, but I’d booked a very good central London mooring spot at Rembrandt Gardens, and it would go to waste if I stayed out West.

I figured the bad weather would keep everyone else indoors, and was more or less correct, but they were right to stay there, by the end my fingers were barely moving and I sorely needed another cup of tea!

This was my first trip into London, and a major change from the journeys I’d taken so far, in that the canal is mostly in built-up areas, there’s more boats moored on both sites, and unfortunately there’s much more garbage and debris in the water, which makes for some difficult cruising at times, lest something get stuck on the propellor. (so far, I’ve luckily avoided that problem)

This section is also notable because the density of boats moored rises as you approach to London, and combined with the weather there were one or two boats that weren’t quite where they were supposed to be. Luckily, nothing happens quickly on the canal, and there’s usually plenty of time to go around obstacles.

Cruiser swinging into canal

It also means there’s not many places to moor – if not for the pre-booked mooring spot, it would have been difficult to find somewhere to tie up for the night – as you can see in the video, there’s long sections with no mooring spot large enough for this boat (and in some cases, for any boats)

Makes for a short journey for some sightseeing though, so there’s that 🙂

Where to next?